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Ash is a developer

Cactpot Solver

I was happy to finally be able to use my minimax knowledge to write a proper solver for this. It should produce the greatest income over many repetitions.

Selecting various values will reveal to you the optimal next move, as well as the expected value if you keep following instructions.

Solver (0123456789 MGP expected)

Non-Final Fantasy players:

Cactpot is played as part of a house-always-loses casino in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. It’s played as follows:

You are given a card with a series of blank spaces and an uneven but known reward distribution. One cell is revealed to start, then you may reveal three more. Then you must choose a row, column, or diagonal. You get the value of that line.

I highlight the optimal next moves for the player using a minimax-style algorithm. An opening book is included to decrease computation time.